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Collaborative monitoring of Lyons Creek East using sediment, aquatic bugs, fish and wildlife

In June 2019, researchers from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) coordinated their efforts to collect sediment, and bottom-dwelling aquatic invertebrates (invertebrates include many groups of organisms such as crayfish, insects and worms also called benthos or benthic invertebrates), from a portion of Lyons Creek East, located in Welland, Ontario. Lyons Creek East is one…

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Christmas Bird Counts in Niagara

There are four Christmas Bird Count events in Niagara this year. Started in 1900, the Christmas Bird Count is North America’s longest-running Citizen Science project. Counts happen in over 2000 localities throughout the Western Hemisphere. The information collected by thousands of volunteer participants forms one of the world’s largest sets of wildlife survey data. The results are used daily by conservation biologists and naturalists…

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Caged mussels: underwater spies for the Niagara River

Fish, mussels, and aquatic insects that live in the water or sediment can tell us about the potential risk of contaminants in the water that may impact our health. 

Mussels (Elliptio complanata), collected from an uncontaminated lake in south central Ontario, are placed in cages and deployed in the Niagara River on…

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Free Movie Screening of Waterlife

SOLD OUT! Over 200 seats have been reserved for this event. If you’re still interested in attending, you can be added to a wait list using the link below. We will only contact you if a seat becomes available. Thank you for your interest!

Join the Niagara River (Ontario) Remedial Action Plan partnership  for a FREE screening of Waterlife on Wednesday, April 25, 2018….

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Niagara Treaty of 1950

On February 27, 1950,  the Treaty between Canada and the United States of America Concerning the Diversion of the Niagara River was signed to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the scenic beauty of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River, while providing for the most beneficial use of the river waters.

Flow Rates

The Treaty establishes minimum amount of water that must flow over the Niagara Falls…

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Great Lakes Protection Initiative Funding Announced

On February 1, 2018 the Government of Canada announced its 2018-2019 funding for the Great Lakes Protection Initiative. Through the Great Lakes Protection Initiative, the Government of Canada takes action to address the most significant environmental challenges affecting Great Lakes water quality and ecosystem health by delivering on Canada’s commitments under the Canada-United States Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The Initiative focuses on 8 priority…

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About Us

Efforts from many key partners in the RAP Team continue to help complete priority actions for the restoration, protection, and enhancement of the Niagara River ecosystem. This initiative is made possible through the financial support of the Government of Canada and Ontario, in partnership with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

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